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We are proud to present to you CBD Botanic's seed collection. Each seed has been carefully selected from plants that have been properly cultivated and nurtured.


At CBD Botanic, our seeds only come from cannabis plants rich in CBD. We have also chosen seeds from plant varieties where the mix of other canabanoids actively contribute to good health and the allevation of pain.


Unlike other seed banks, here at CBD Botanic, we have elected to focus on a small, highly specialised collection in order to ensure seeds of the highest quality and those that promote the very best health results for our clients.


At CBD botanic we value information and learning. Please explore each seed individually to learn about is particular characteristics, the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenoids, tips on the type of cultivation each requires, how it flowers and any particular medical benefits.

Hemp-based products


Since CBD Botanic also committed to the hemp-based products are well known useful properties for the maintenance and improvement of body and health that provides the hemp. That's why we have a detailed selection of the best hemp products on the market, with the most competitive prices!


These products made with more than 18 active ingredients, including oil and seed cannabis, with numerous health benefits. A 100% natural substance strains from Cannabis Sativa, THC free plant and therefore free of any psychoactive effect which is commonly associated with the plant.


Our products are suitable for multiple treatments applied topically as creams, gels, oils, ointments or lotions as well as derivatives, with multiple beneficial properties provided hemp, as no inflammation and skin nutrition, in a cosmetics of the highest quality that has helped improve the quality of life for many consumers.

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