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CBD Somango

CBD Somango At a glance

Cannabanoid profile

Genetic makeup


This is a variety that comes from a cross of Somango, grown from the Soma farm it has won many awards.

Our strain, high CBD, is an indica seed that is very resistant to diseases.

The terpenoid profile conjurs Mango tastes and for lovers of sweets it is a perfect plant.

It is high in resin, engulfing the leaves near the flower. It is great for relaxing extractions.

It has a balance between cannabinoids THC / CBD (1: 1)


If you want to grow it indoors you should give it a good growth substrate adding humus.


It is characterized by separate internodes and large flowers full of trichomes with aromas of mango.

Outdoors this plant grows a lot and is fast branching. It reaching 1.80 meters in height and it is essential to have a good support because it is a large plant.

This is not a variety we would recommend for greenhouse growing. Due to its characterisitics it can have weak branches and as well as indoor or outdoor, good support structures are essential.




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