CBD Sensi Star

This Sensi Star cross is a legendary plant introduced in 1995 and winner of several awards. This variety, with high CBD content, is predominantly a Indico hybrid, with broad leaves and a short flowering time.

Its terpenoid profile suggests tastes that range from a touch of earthy to some more sweet. It stands out as a plant as its aromas are not as intense as those of other plants.

Its effects are relaxing and is a very good candidate for different extracts of both its flowers and its leaves.

This variety contains a balance between THC / CBD (1: 1) cannabinoids.


Cannabanoid profile

Genetic makeup

CBD Sensi Star At a glance



Indoor cultivation of this plant incurs rapid growth. It is very robust and ideal for the Sea Of Green system.


Its buds are short and the trunk stout. It has a lot of hairs on both flower and leaves and it is very compact.

It is a good plant for outdoor cultivation because of its rapid growth, and its hard trunk, shown in the form of a fir that can reach 1,80m. A good suport will help the branches so they do not break due to the weights of flowers.

In a greenhouse it is best planted later than normal. A strong structure will facilitate growth and flowering.

It is advisable to monitor the greenhouse climate.