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CBD Hammer Shark

CBD Hammer Shark At a glance

Genetic makeup

Cannabanoid profile


This variety is the result of 4 years research. It is a cross of Hammer Shark, a strain of the highest quality. It’s bulky structure and the fact it is easy to grow make it an ideal plant for beginners.


It is characterized by its green and purple hues and its taste of earth and pine. It generates lots of resin.


Our variety, high in CBD, is  predominantly an Indica hybrid that is very resistant to different diseases.


The terpenes of this plant are spectacular, with tastes that range from a touch of earthy to some more of candy or lemon and pine.


Its relaxing effects, are recommended for meditation and study.

This variety contains a balance between THC / CBD cannabinoids.


Inside it grows very well and achieves a good production. It is very robust and ideal for sea of ​​green (Green Sea) system.


It features separate buds and large fragrant flowers.


Outdoors we can see the robustness of the plant. If you do a good mix of compost you can get a plant with a large yield typically measuring 1.65 meters to 1.75 meters.


In a greenhouse growth must be controlled, a good  support system always increases yield and aids resistance to different pests (whitefly, aphids, scale insects, etc.)


Its flowers are large and compact, it is advisable to monitor the greenhouse climate.

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